Twisted Mist Vape Shop – Juices

At Twisted Mist, we provide more than 50 flavors of e-liquids which are rich in complex flavors for your enjoyment. Whether you prefer food related flavors or more aromatic scents, we are sure to have something that will meet your preferences. Our designer mixes have been custom created by our staff and are a genuine treat for the senses. You can also mix and match from our variety of flavors to design your own special blend. The options are endless when you choose the E cig juice offered at Twisted Mist.

Safe & Dye Free E Cig Liquid

Twisted Mist provides a variety of different vape flavors that can be enjoyed on the go or right here in our vape shop. Our vape liquid selection is made using the highest quality ingredients for your safety and enjoyment. All of our e cig liquid is diacetyl-free and free of alcohol. In addition, we make use of only the highest grade laboratory tested, US made nicotine, high quality flavoring made in the USA, and USP Kosher vegetable glycerin. Our juice is devoid of fillers and has no chemicals or added dyes.

Our promise to our customers is that if we wouldn’t vape it ourselves, we won’t make it. Our staff is here to assist you and answer any questions about our products. Come and visit our convenient location at 806 Hwy 19 N Meridian, MS 39307. Contact us with any questions or to find out more about our products by calling us at (601) 453-4205 today.